Phil Corkum


Areas of Specialization

Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, University of Alberta, 2011-

Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, 2005-11

Visiting Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2004-5


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles, 2006

M.A., Philosophy, University of London, United Kingdom, 1996

M.A., Classics, Dalhousie University, Canada, 1994

B.A., Classics, Dalhousie University, 1991

Selected Publications


This [draft]

Empty Negations and Existential Import in Aristotle [article] [offprint]

Ontological Dependence and Grounding in Aristotle. [article]

Aristotle on Predication. [preprint]

Critical Notice of M. Peramatzis, Priority in Aristotle's Metaphysics. [preprint]

Substance and Independence in Aristotle. [preprint]

Aristotle on Mathematical Truth. [article] [offprint]

Aristotle on Nonsubstantial Individuals. [article] [offprint]

Aristotle on Ontological Dependence. [article] [offprint]


Presentism, Truthmakers and Distributional Properties. [offprint]

Meta-conceivability. [article]


I work on, and teach, ancient philosophy and metaphysics. My recent historical research is on Aristotle's ontology, metaphysics of properties, semantics, philosophy of logic and philosophy of mathematics. My recent contemporary research is on the role of cognitive values - such as salience and simplicity - within metaphysical inquiry, with consequences for philosophical methodology, the philosophy of time and the metaphysics and epistemology of modality. Although I have independent interests in both ancient philosophy and metaphysics, I also view contemporary metaphysics as in part an important tool for historical research, and historical research as in part a valuable contribution to our understanding of living philosophical issues.


phil DOT corkum AT ualberta DOT ca